DC fast charging station

Output Power: 60DC+22/43KW  120DC+22/43KW  160DC+22/43KW 180DC+22/43KW

Outlet: Double/Triple outlet

Designed for the best commercial DC



Charging standard developed from ISO15118/DIN70121.

Make the load balance within a charging station.

Highest safety

All components come with CE certificate.

SECC controller pass TUV test.


Structure Description Application scenes Parking lot/Public charging station
Housing material Metal case
Dimension 650*690*1556mm 724*750*1855mm 819*581*1765mm (L*W*H)
Installation method Floor-stand type
Cable routing Bottom inlet wiring,up outlet wiring
Weight 320-500kg
Cable length 4m
Charging outlets Single/double/triple (CCS/CHAdeMO/AC)
Electrical Specification Input voltage 3-phase 260-530Vac
Input frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Rated power 60-360kW
Measuring accuracy Level 0.5
Output voltage 150~750Vdc /150-1000Vdc
Output current 0 ~ 400Adc
Efficiency >95%
Power factor 99%
Function design User Interface Emergency stop button, LED indicator, card swiping,touch screen
Charging standards IEC 61851-1/IEC 61851-23/-24:2014/ISO15118-1-2013 ISO15118-2-2014/ISO 15118-3:2015/IEC 62196-1-2014 IEC 62196-3-2014/DIN 70121-2014
Communication Network interface Ethernet(WIFI, 3g/4gLTE as optional)
Environment condition Application place Indoor/Outdoor
Working temperature -30 ° C ~ +70 ° C (Output degraded above 50° C )
Working humidity 0- 95% (non-condensing)
Altitude <2000m
Protection grade IP55/IK10
Cooling Forced-air cooling
MTBF 100,000 hours
Safety standard IEC61851-1,IEC61851-21-2,IEC61851-23,IEC61851-24
Security design Over/under voltage protection, overload protection, current leakage protection, grounding protection, over temp protection, lightening surge protection