Home Pro

Most safety charging solution

Product features

Solid design wallbox

Meet IP65 & IK10 standard by lab test

5 inch HD colour screen

Showing real time charging statistics and conditions,easy to read in outdoor light

RFID Sensor

Identification & easy wallbox control

Emergency button

Press to cut off the power immediately

TPU cable

4 meter cable with excellent durability and top cold resistance at -40°C

TUV approved connector

Excellent water protection and easy hold; Silver plated terminals to mini-mize wear and tear on EV charging socket

Real Pro

Timeless and classic design fits in urban space and architecture

Ready for communication with smart module and loading management system

Compatible with all cars in type 2/1 connection

Protecting the life of car battery with the most stable charging process

High precision machining and assembly to achieve top water/dust pro-tection

Highest safety

• PCV0 housing with 2.0~3.0mm thick exudes robustness and protects inside components from external influences

• The housing is made from materials specially developed for top heat dissipation and with flame retardant coating

• Completely meets all requirements of the CE applicable standards.

• AC+ DC faults detection

• Real-time monitoring for heat and all instabilities during charging pro-CesS


Model TS-EVC07-002(S) TS-EVC11-002(S) TS-EVC22-002(S)
Electrical Properties
Voltage 230V AC±10% 380V AC±10% 380V AC±10%
Output  Current 32A 16A 32A
Frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Output  Power 7kw 11kw 22kw
Residual current protection AC 30mA
Emergengy Stop Button Yes
Display LCD screen
RFID Function 3pcs cards
Charging Outlet One charging socket(Type 2)/4.5M charging cable
Power incoming line 0.7M
Housing Material PCVO for outdoor
Front  Panel PC
Installation Method Wall-mount/Floor-stand
Safety Standard EN IEC61851-1:2019;IEC61851-1:2017;EN IEC61851-21-2:2021;
 EN IEC61000-6-1:2019;EN IEC61000-6-2:2019;EN IEC61000-6-3:2021;EN IEC61000-6-4:2019;
Warranty 2 years
Environmental Performance
Protection Leve IP65
Working Altitude <2000M
Application Site Indoor/Outdoor
Working  temperature -30℃-+50℃
Working  humidity 5%-95%.No condensation
Atmospheric pressure 80kPa-101kPa
Packing Details
Product Size 398*324*120mm 398*324*120mm 398*324*120mm
Product Weight 7KG 8.2KG 8.5KG
Optional Config
Dynamic load balancing RS485 meter
Residual current protection TypeB(AC 30mA+DC 6mA)