Portable Pro

The best charger for 
your wonderful journey

Product features

Solid design control box 

Meet IP65& IK10 standard by lab test

Control botton

Max output current adjustment & set scheduled charging time

LCD Color screen

Easiest user interaction and real-time status view

Water protection gasket

30 minutes water resistance under 1 meter depth of water

Breathing Indicator light 

Showing real time charging status

TUV approved connector

Excellent water protection and easy hold; Silver plated terminals to minimize wear and tear on EV charging socket

TPU cable

5 meter cable with excellent durability and top cold resistance at-40°C

Designed for the best portable EV charging

IEC/EN 62752,all EMC items under IEC/EN 61000.IP65 approved by TUV

• Ik10 Solid design withstand a 2.5T car

Max 7.6 kw fast charging speed

Flexible charging/ power connector options

Color screen displays all the charging data you want to know in real time and dynamically

build in metering chip measures power consumptionaccurately

Max 7 levels current adjustment & 8 hours schduled charging

-30°C~60°C stable working

Self-diagnosis of faults, automatic repair

Compatible with all cars in type 2/1 connection

Protecting the life of car battery with the most stable charging process

Highest safety

• PCVO housing with 2.0~3.0mm thick exudes robustness and protects inside components from external influences

• The housing is made from materials specially developed for top heat dissipation and with flame retardant coating

• Completely meets all requirements of the TUV applicable standards

• AC+ DC faults detection

• Real-time monitoring for heat and all instabilities during charging pro-Cess


Specification Model TS-PEC-002-16A TS-PEC-002-32A TS-PEC-002-16A3P TS-PEC-002-32A3P
Electrical Properties Votage 230VAC±15% 230VAC±15% 380VAC±15% 380VAC±15%
Max Output Current 16A (6/8/10/13/16A Optional) 32A (6/8/10/13/1/20/32A Optional) 16A (6/8/10/13/16A Optional) 32A (6/8/10/13/16/20/32A Optional)
Max Output Power 3.6kw 7kw 11KW 22KW
Cable Specifcation 3*2.5mm²+2*0.5mm² 3*6mm²+2*0.5mm² 5*2.5mm²+2*0.5mm² 5*6mm²+2*0.5mm²
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Structure Design Residual current protection 30mA or 30mA +DC 6mA
Display 1.8"LCD
LED Indicator LED Light bar
Front Panel PMMA
Intalltion Method Wall-mounted/Carry-on Optional
Charging Outlet TYPE1/2 +4.5M charging cable
Housing Material PC+GF 10%
Security Protection Safety Standard IEC/EN 62752:2016
Mutiple Protection Over/Under voltage protection, Surge protection, Over
temperature protection, Over current protection, Leakage Protection, Short ciruit protection, EFT Protection
Warranty 1 year
Environmental Performance Working temperature -30°C~60°C
Storage temperature -40°C~70°C
Working humidity 5%~95%, No condensation
Protection Level (control box) IP65
Altitude ≤2000m
Application Site Indoor/Outdoor
Cooling Method Natural cooling
Extra Function Temperature detection function Yes (check the temp.of PCB and show it on the screen)
Schedule charging Yes(1-8hous)
Packing Details Product Size 255*109*55mm
Product Weight (Net Weight) ≤2.7KG ≤3.3KG ≤3.5KG ≤4KG
Product Weight (Gross Weight) ≤2.9KG ≤3.6KG ≤3.8KG ≤4.4KG